Looking at the Beyond
Mark Rothko said:
"The bright colors sort of stop your vision at the canvas, where dark colors go beyond.
And definitely you are looking at the beyond. You are looking at the infinity."

This collection is all inspired from the art movement colour field, and Rothko’s paintings.
With this body of work, I combine handmade chains with organic forms from bronze or copper hand painted with acrylic pigments creating jewelry pieces that speak to contrast – hard/soft, dark/light, permanent/impermanent, organic/metallic. I am compelled to work with my hands and directly with my materials. I choose to celebrate beauty, design and processes that do not conform to traditional standards, but express new creative possibilities. This results in an adventurous path for the maker and the wearer.
I create my work so that it is functional and practical. The designs are lightweight and easy to care for with minimal effort. I believe each day is a chance to celebrate and enjoy our intimate creative expression using the canvas of our own bodies, and it is thrilling to wear a jewelry art piece that inspires inspection, questions and awe.