I studied Fine Arts.

I combined all my passions in creating art jewellery.
Colour field and especially Mark Rothko, is my main source of inspiration at the moment.

Fields covered by colours one on top of the other, creating “still” painting – because in fact, there is an absence of gesture or action – these are my obsessions!

You have a quiet contemplation, a mood of deep immersion in color.

On the other hand mystery is essential to me and my goals.
I would like my jewellery pieces to carry their own mystery-their solitary quality.

That is what I mostly want to inspire in the women who would love to wear them!


Brand’s History

Study Visual arts at Royal College of Art, in London UK.

From 1998 up to 2001 I owned HOHA a gallery space of applied arts, where I organized several exhibitions.

In 2009 till now I’m the co owner of Craftit workshop space and Craftit shop where I teach jewellery technics and I design contemporary jewels.

Nominated for the New Traditional Jewellery Award, Amsterdam

phone number
16 Drossini str, Kifissia Attica 14562 Greece

My team

Nana Panagiotopoulou
Nana Panagiotopoulou
Metalworker - Bench Jeweler
Sophia Antonakou
Sophia Antonakou
Quality Assurance & Customer Service